5 Billion Fans to Watch 2022 FIFA World Cup

This time’s World Cup which will be in line, it will be seen. By 5 billion people means more than 500,00,00,000 people are going to watch the world cup. It’s not me, Gianni Infantino, the President of his resignation, has said that this World Cup will reach 500,00,00,000 people and if you compare it. This amount is about one and a half billion more than the last World Cup. Yes, the last time the World Cup was held in Russia, there was 3.5 billion viewership.

2022 FIFA World Cup

 Means 350,00,00,000 people had seen that tournament all over the world and this time that record is also going to be broken and it is not that he just said this in the air. very large region

5 Billion Fans to Watch 2022 FIFA World Cup
5 Billion Fans to Watch 2022 FIFA World Cup

The previous World Cup that took place in 2018 showed 3.5 starts

Means 350,00,00,000 people saw that World Cup and even at that time if you look at the total population of the word, then those three are around 700,00,00,000 i.e. Aandhi. The world had seen the World Cup and this time it is being said that this World Cup will break the record of the previous World Cup. Word’s current population is around 800,00,00,000 and if 500,00,00,000 of those people see it, that’s 62%. Means about 12% more people are going to watch this World Cup than last time, which is a huge amount and if this happens then it will be a world record.

  Now a question will come in your mind. Ok last time it was over 3.5 billion views but is it possible? Within these four years, they will be able to collect 100,00,00,000 more audits. So yes, it is possible, absolutely possible and India is going to play a very big role in this. The way we have seen Gian Infantino. In the last several years, he has come to India many times, so he has got a lot of viewership. There has been a lot of fan following. The way football is developing in India, we are going to have a huge audience and the second season

Yes, this is also the way internet is costing in India. He gets internet access at a much cheaper rate. S compared to other countries where you will see Canada USA is available in such countries but in India it is available very comfortably at cheap prices.

 Another reason for this is the timing of World Cup matches, there will be more matches. 3:30 pm 6:30 pm 9:30 pm There are some matches which will be at 12:30 pm.

But if we salute one of the people at 12:30 in the night, then most of the matches will happen in the evening itself, which is the most perfect time. Especially for Indians, there can be a lot of viewership naturally and in the last four years, the internet users in India have increased at such a rapid pace. It becomes very easy to do this that this time more than 5 billion people are going to watch the World Cup. So these were some of the reasons. Because of which the maximum audience is going to come this time in the World Cup, so what do you think, you will be able to cross the mark of 5 billion. See, I would not like to know about it in the comments.

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