5 New Rules at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

You will get to see 5 new rules in this World Cup.

5 New Rules at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
5 New Rules at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Rule number 1

This is the first World Cup in which the team will be alluded to. Making 5 Substitutions These 5 substitution snakes can be made in 3 windows throughout the match and this rule can be of great help to teams that have a lot of deep squads.

Rule number 2

If we talk about deep squad, then it has happened for the first time that 26 main squads have been allowed. This time only the score of 23 people is picked for the World Cup.

Rule number 3

It has been followed for a long time in club football that the goalkeeper must keep one foot on the goal line while taking a penalty.

Rule number 4

The semi-automated outside technology will work like a talking technology. This is similar to goal line technology when the ball crosses the line and the referee gets an alert on his watch that players will be offside. Lines man will get alert that player is off side and the time taken for off side decisions can be reduced considerably.

Rule number 5

For the first time in any FIFA Men’s World Cup, you will get to see women referees.

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