Al Bayt Stadium FIFA World Cup 2022

Al Bayt Stadium || FIFA World Cup 2022

Al Bayt Stadium FIFA World Cup 2022
Al Bayt Stadium FIFA World Cup 2022

Al bate Stadium is a retractable roof football stadium located in Al Khor, a city in the North Eas t coast of Qatar, around 50 kilometres (31 mils)

from Doha. The stadium takes its name from bayt Al sha’ar‘ – the tense historically used by nomadic peoples in Qatar and the Gulf.

The design pays homage to Qatar’s past and present, while also looking ahead to the community’s future.

It will be the second largest stadium at the World Cup with a capacity of 60,000.

Designed by Dar Al- Handasah, the construction of the stadium started in 2014 and it finished in 2021. The opening of the stadium took place on the 30th of November 2021, on the occasion of the opening ceremony for the FIFA Arab Cup 2021, followed by a match between the hosts, Qatar and Bahrain.

Al Bates Stadium hosted 5 matches at that tournament, including the final.

At the World Cup, the stadium will host 9 matches, including the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador on the 20th of November 2022.

It will host six group games, a round of 16 match, a quarterfinal match and a semi final.

Following the World Cup, the stadium will be reconfigured into a 32,000 seat stadium.

The modular upper tier will be removed, with the seats being re-purposed to create sporting facilities in Qatar and overseas.

The upper concourse of the stadium will be converted into various facilities.

The vacated space will then be converted into a 5 star hotel, shopping mall and other sports facilities.

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