Amazing Facts About FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

I have brought some special facts about the FIFA World Cup 2022 which is enough to blow your senses. Then you will get to know a lot. Take complete information, the FIFA World Cup is considered to be the biggest most watched event in the world and if you compare the Olympics with Cricket World Cup then it is a much bigger event than them all. The 2022 Football World Cup will be held in Qatar which is an Arab country. This is happening for the first time that a football World Cup will be held in an Arab country and Arabia itself is a very small country. If you look at the population of anise, you will not find a population of more than 30,00,000, but it is being expected that due to the World Cup, more than 1.5 million people will come to Qatar. Although the World Cup of football starts every 4 years in the month of June, this time the World Cup is happening in the queue and there is a lot of heat in the month of June.

Amazing Facts About FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar
Amazing Facts About FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

Because of this, this time this World Cup will start. Its first match will be played in November and on 20 November and the final will be held. Now comes an interesting fact. Regarding the dates of the World Cup, you must have noted that winning during the World Cup is also a big event. They are accessible for a time, especially at events that the audience is involved in. There is no big film launch. There is no event or concert because naturally everyone will go so that they do not suffer. A movie came out in 2018 because of the FIFA World Cup. It was released on 21 May 2018 and its name was Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom . But the movie did not suffer that much because it had already released and had collected a lot. He had earned 1.3 billion and it is believed that this World Cup is the most expensive World Cup ever and Qatar has spent 220 billion dollars for this, this amount is 60 times more than the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and At that time South Africa had spent. 3.5 billion Qatar upgraded the entire infrastructure of their country to host the World Cup, in 2010 they were billed hosting rights. Since then, he has made a lot of progress. From 8 to 10 billion dollars, he has spent on the stadium itself. The amount of $ 36 billion he spent for the Doha Metro and all these developments was clipped in the last two decades and that too at a very high rapid rate.

Because this is a very big event, its security will also be of a very high level and the UK has given a queue to protect it. Eurofighter Typhoon is happening for the first time when someone will defend the World Cup.a fighter aircraft

queue and that is why this World Cup will be played in the months of November and December instead of June and will use Qatar to reduce the heat further. Air Condition Football Stadium Yes, this is happening for the first time that air-conditions will be used in the football stadium in the Football World Cup.

Now FIFA has introduced new technology in the last several World Cups and because of them football is becoming an even better ball. Goal line technology was introduced in 2014. Then came VAR in 2018 and AAB in 2022 would come SAOT which means Sammy Automated Offsite Technology. This technology will help Qatar in taking the decision offsite that

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