Another Huge Upset In FiFa, Morocco Beat The Number Two Team

Big ups and downs are happening continuously in the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar. A huge upset is being given and today one such huge upset has happened in which the number two team of the world ranking has been defeated by a small team and this feat has been known by the team of Marrakesh after winning the whole of Morocco. The team is done.

They have defeated the Belgian team. Belgium is a big name in Europe’s football teams. Many times Aise has won great victories and is at number two in the world ratings. Brazil is at number one in the world rating, Belgium is at number two. Argentina is at number three, which was defeated by Saudi Arabia on that day. After that like France, Germany, Italy

Morocco Beat The Number Two Team

Morocco Beat The Number Two Team
Morocco Beat The Number Two Team

The number of teams comes. Morocco is at number 22 in the world rankings, but the Moroccan team has given two to four defeats to the number two team. This is being called a big victory and the Moroccan team is being praised everywhere. But by defeating the Belgian team, he has created a new history. The details of the match are that the match was being played at the Al Thumama Stadium in Qatar. The full hope of the people was that only Belgium would win, but it could not happen.

The first half of the match was evenly matched. Neither did it win nor did it grow. In the second half, the Belgian team tried their best, but players like Abdelhamid Sabiri or Zakaria Aboukhlal of the Moroccan team played a great role, scored a goal and with a 2-0 win, they have achieved a great victory and therefore the heart of Morocco has been praised. On the other hand bad news has come for Saudi Arabia that yesterday Saudi Arabia got defeated by Poland. Although Saudi Arabia is still intact in the tournament.

But the chances of progressing are slim because of the bad defeat from Poland. However, Saudi Arabia has still kept its name illuminated by winning over Argentina. It is being discussed because Argentina is a two-time champion. Has been a winner in football. He won continuously from 36 Martava and is at number three. So far no Asian team has called Argentina in the world rankings. Defeated that team in Saudi Arabia. That’s why Saudi Arabia is being praised.

And Morocco has been praised the most and on this basis also Morocco is being praised

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