FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money

FIFA has announced the price of the 2022 World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money 

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money 
FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money 

Which team will get how much amount. How much will the first time take and will those times who are out in the group stage, in the quarter-finals or even in the finals, not get it for some price, then I will give you the complete information.

Now FIFA has announced that the total prize money that will be there in this World Cup will be.

440 million dollars? Yes, this has become the highest price ever. If you compare with the last World Cup, then this prize money is 29% more than the last World Cup that was held in 2018 in Russia. And if we compare it with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, then it is a jump of almost 80%. Compared to Badh Cup for the last 8 years, now this million dollar has become the price. Along with this, FIFA has also announced that each team

Each of the 32 teams will get $1.5 million separately. FIFA will give $1.5 million to each team separately for their participation, that is, whatever expenses will be incurred for their preparation. If you calculate all this amount, then it will come around 500 million dollars, which is a huge amount. Now the thing to think is that from where FIFA got so much money, if it is giving only prize money of five million dollars, then see FIFA has no shortage of money.

At present, they have

From partners to sponsors, there are many big companies. If we talk about their partners, Adidas, Qatar, Hyundai’s Visa, all of them are their partners and the one who is sponsoring this World Cup with them is By Juice, McDonald’s, High Sun All are sponsor companies. Look at the FIFA World Cup alone. Partners and sponsors are different. Partners are those who hold equal shares and equal responsibility in the company. For example, if you do any business.

If you do things with, if you do things in partnership, then he is your partner. And if any person or any institution invests money in your company for marketing, then it will be called a sponsor.

And this is not the only source of income for FIFA. Apart from this, a lot of money comes from broadcasting rights sir. The FIFA World Cup is the world’s most watched event and is broadcast in more than 180 countries. So apart from this, a lot of money is earned from the tickets and the marketing that is done, and according to that this $500 million is a very adjustable amount. So you see which team will take what amount. talk about champions

The winning team of the 2022 World Cup will get $42 million. Yes, 42 million dollars i.e. 325 crore rupees.

According to today’s exchange rate of dollar and Indian rupee, its 325 crore rupees. will receive and exchange team

Will go to Second Place. 232 crores

third place 209 crores

Fourth place will get Rs 194 crore.

Every team that will play the World Cup, even if it is eliminated in the group stage, will also take something away and

If any team gets out of the World Cup group like this, then it will also take 69 crores. Means every team will get something or the other and if you calculate it completely then it will come to $440 million dollars and in Indian Rupees Rs 3415 crores is a huge amount. Along with this, I had also told you that apart from $440 million dollars, one and a half million dollars will also be received. Which is about 11 crore rupees for each team.

FIFA will give Now let’s compare the prices in order to make preparations for each and every team. Talking to Price Mani from the last two World Cups. If in the prize money of 2018, the total was 400 million dollars and the winning team at that time was France. France had taken 38 million dollars and 4 years before that the total amount of World Cup which was held in Brazil in 2014 was 358 million dollars and Germany was the champion at that time and Germany had taken 35 million dollars so you can see this Prize money is increasing in every World Cup because new sponsors are joining. New audiences are coming. And this time maximum audience will come and FIFA has even said that this world cup will be watched by five billion people all over the world, five million i.e. 5000 million which becomes 500,00,00,000. People used to watch this World Cup, this was the price of FIFA World Cup 2022, become distribution

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