FIFA World Cup India Qualified Has India played FIFA World Cup

India Qualified Has India played FIFA World Cup
Has India played FIFA World Cup

Has India played the FIFA World Cup?

FIFA World Cup India Qualified

On hearing the FIFA World Cup, a question usually comes in the mind of all of us, whether the Indian football team has also been a part of the FIFA World Cup? If so, when has it been? Which was the year when the Indian team qualified for the Football World Cup and how did the Indian football team manage to make it to the group stage and did India win or lose its first match ? We go.

In history, the 1942 and 1946 Football World Cups were canceled due to World War II. The European country Germany and the South American country Brazil were face to face among the countries that were claiming to host the World Cup in 1950 and Brazil got the chance to host the World Cup.

Germany did not get the chance to host because both the 1934 and 1938 World Cups were played in countries of Europe. Only four countries from all over Asia were to qualify, with teams from Burma, Indonesia, the Philippines and India. These four teams had to play each other and the team which topped the points table would have qualified for the World Cup. But this did not happen when these four teams were to clash with each other.

Meanwhile, out of these four teams, three teams pulled their names out of the World Cup, including Burma, Indonesia and the Philippines. At that time only 4 years had passed since the Second World War, due to which the economic condition of these countries was not perfect. Now as soon as they are out, India qualifies for the World Cup without playing a match and it is said that during 1950 to 1960 the Indian football team used to be very strong.

India was placed in Group Three, which included Italy, Prague and Sweden. The group match was going to be easy for India as the Italian team was not very strong at that time and 8 of their players had died in an air crash a year earlier and when the tournament was about to start, the Italian coach resigned. Gave. The second team was Prague and the team from Prague. At that time it was the same as in today’s cricket, the Netherlands was the strongest team to compete with India.

Sudan. Now when the tournament was about to start, the Football Association of India refused to send its team for the Football World Cup to be held in Brazil, the reason being that the team did not have enough money to send the team to a big jail. Can go While it is also said that FIFA had even offered the Indian football team the fare to and fro, but despite this, there was another problem with the Indian football team and that was the bare feet of the Indian players. to play football

Habit and at that time Indian players used to play football with bare feet. Now that there was a rule in FIFA to play the match only wearing shoes and it is said that at that time the Indian team did not have shoes, so the team withdrew its name from the World Cup. At the same time, some people call it a rumor and say that the Indian team did not practice for football and more Indian players preferred the Olympics than the FIFA World Cup and India won the FIFA World Cup.

Despite having qualified in 1950, Bade Dil could not go and in this way, a golden opportunity which came almost 72 years ago in India, was easily missed and now FIFA World Cup 2022 will be played in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December. Have to go where teams from a total of 32 countries are involved in this grand competition. But still India’s team has not been able to make its place in 32 countries. Now it is difficult to say how long the wait will be.

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