How Can Argentina Qualify for Next Round of 16

The first Citibank of this World Cup has arrived. Argentina was the one off of the World Cup. The team called the best favorite has lost its first match. Against Saudi Arabia and the whole world is in mourning at this time except Saudi Arabia and their fans. But still, Argentina still has a chance to qualify for the next round.

How can Argentina still qualify for the next round?

All the teams of Group C have played their first match, Argentina is currently on the fourth place. Saudi Arabia is at number 1 with 3 points and Poland and Mexico just recently played a draw and that draw could prove to be very good for Argentina if Argentina qualified for the next round without any tension without much calculation If they want to do that, they will have to win both the next two matches. If Argentina wins out of the two, then how can the point table be made.

And first of all, the second match of Argentina is against Mexico, let’s say Argentina. If she wins the match, she will get 3 points. They have lost 1 match. With a win you will get 3 points. We are assuming here that Saudi Arabia also won, but we have nothing to do with the rest of the team. Right now because we will not see Saudi Arabia, Pollard, Mexico. If Argentina wins, then 3 points will be available in the second match. After that, Argentina will have its third match. And if they win that match against Poland, they will get three more wickets and with six points they will qualify for the next round.

How Can Argentina Qualify for Next Round of 16 

How Can Argentina Qualify for Next Round of 16 
How Can Argentina Qualify for Next Round of 16 

See, here I am not looking at the goals because I do not know how many calls those teams will make, how many goals they will consider. We are only looking at points here and if Argentina takes three points in the next two matches, then it is possible that they will also finish on the first place because if Saudi Arabia loses some points in the next match and the rest of the team too If they lose, Argentina can also come on number one. So this is a simple calculation if Argentina wins both the matches

What if Argentina don’t win their second match as well? So see first of all you don’t think like that yes, such scenarios can be made and now let’s talk about what can be made if Argentina doesn’t win the second match. Let’s say Argentina and the next match with Mexico ends in a draw and in that case we also consider Arabia’s win against Poland. can live can live man if they can win against argentina what poland thing

After this there will be match day 3 in which match of Argentina will be against Poland and match of Saudi Arabia will be against Mexico here now see Argentina is at number 3 and from here Argentina must win the match against Poland right

Here it is not that Argentina will qualify for the next round by winning against Poland in the last match. No, they will have to wait for Saudi Arabia and Mexico match first and if Mexico loses some points in that match, then Argentina will qualify for the next round. Ok here let’s see what Argentina’s match will be against Poland if they win and Mexico loses some points against Saudi Arabia, let’s say. If Mexico plays a draw then Mexico will get one point from Mexico’s two points and they will have three points and they will be below this and if Mexico loses then they will have only two points and they will be in third place

If Argentina wins in the last. Earlier, Argentina had a point against Poland. He got three points and got four points and he will qualify for the next round with such a run. Ok now see what case is being made here. If Mexico wins against Saudi Arabia then 2 points were their first and if they get 3 more points then Mexico will replace Argentina on second place. But now see here, I had told you one thing in the beginning that the draw that took place between Mexico and Poland. that’s great for argentina because if there’s argentina

Had lost, had Mexico won, they would have got the same three points. 2 points from there, 2 points here will be 4 points and if they collect one more point in between, then they will also come on the second number, so that is why the first match was between Mexico and Poland, that of Argentina. Somewhere is better. This is what I would say, but how can more scenarios be created here? If Saudi Arabia loses both the remaining matches as well, then Argentina will have to try to win both the remaining matches. Here we are only talking about points and if the points of any two teams remain same

Let’s say, Argentina and Mexico are tied on points, then the one with better goal difference will qualify for the next round. It is okay and if this goal difference is also same, then what will we see, then we would have scored more goals to win the total. He will qualify for the next round. Just see here points and goal difference matter a lot so this points table will remain after match day 3 if argentina draw against mexico and win against poland though their chances are very less but It can happen and it has happened. No need to go far.

This is what happened in the last World Cup that took place in 2018. Argentina won only one of the 3 matches, drew one and lost one but still qualified. What was the scene in that, Croatia? All the three matches were won. If Croatia had lost a match somewhere, they would have been out of the group including Argentina. That’s why I am saying that if Argentina wins both the matches then they will not have any problem to qualify in the next round and this happened before in 2010. If you see the World Cup, Spain lost its first match in that. They won against Switzerland but later against Chile and Honduras.

Along with this, he won his first World Cup title, in the same World Cup. So can Argentina do it this time?

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