Messi & Ronaldo Playing Chess

Today is 20th November and World Cup will start on this day itself, when I woke up in the morning, I had expected that I would get a lot of World Cup notifications, but more than that I have this photo on every platform. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook everywhere I just saw this photo, am sure if you use internet, you are active on social accounts also, if you are into football then you must have seen this photo till now, then we will discuss about this photo.

Messi & Ronaldo Playing Chess

Messi & Ronaldo Playing Chess
Messi & Ronaldo Playing Chess

Now When did you see Ronaldo and Messi together before

Not talking about the match. You must have seen many times in the match, but maybe for the first time you have seen that Ronaldo and Messi are playing chess together. This photo was shared by many people. Ronaldo himself has shared this photo on all his handles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

It would not be wrong to say that this is the most trending photo of all time. Along with this, he also shared this photo on his Instagram account. It is being said that within 1 hour it got 10 million likes,

This photo has got a lot of positive responses and is of 433. Along with Picture of Century Ronaldo, Messi has also shared this and if you visit their page on Facebook, you will easily find this photo with 4.7 million lives. After that he has also shared the photo on his Instagram account.

Who took this photo? So this photo is taken by Annie Leibovitz who is a professional photographer and visual artist. This and this photo is from Connecticut, USA

Which is a French fashion company. You must have seen Louis Vuitton Purses, Watches Shoes, Handbags

You will find many things in which Louis Vuitton is tagged and they have clicked the photo of Ronaldo Messi. Before this, Leibovitz has clicked photos of many big celebrities.

Before the start of the World Cup, this photo of these two going viral gives a very good sign and because there is such a possibility that both of them can play against each other in the final of the World Cup. So this is what the whole world wants. Personally, I want that

Ronaldo and Messi played in the final and we will see only one of these two who will be called champion of champions. So what do you think? will these two make it to the finals

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