Qatar Football Stadium 974 Fifa world cup 2022

Stadium 974, which will host the upcoming FIFA World Cup matches, will know why this stadium is special and why it is named 974?

Stadium 974 is a district named Ras Abu Aboud, Doha, Qatar, where this stadium is located.

Stadium 974 Fifa world cup 2022

Stadium 974 Fifa world cup 2022
Stadium 974 Fifa world cup 2022

It was originally named Ras Abu Aboud, but was later changed to Stadium 974. Why? Because this is the stadium in which total 974 shipping containers have been used to build. Yes, this is the first time in the world of football that a stadium has been built from shipping containers and the special thing is that all these containers can be taken out and used for some other purpose as well. Even dismantling this entire stadium separately means separating it and building a similar stadium at some other place.

Looking from above, it looks like a normal football stadium, but if you look at it from the side, you will feel that it is a very strange stadium. Qatar has built such beautiful stadiums for this World Cup, so why is it like this? This is a very beautiful stadium built by Qatar especially for this World Cup. But this is the only stadium which is quite unique. Now the question with the rest of the stadiums is that what is the need to build such stadiums and that too to host such a big event as the FIFA World Cup. So look at Qatar 2010

The responsibility of hosting the FIFA World Cup was given and this is the country which is the smallest country. Area-wise, whoever has hosted the FIFA World Cup till date, nor did they have at that time, had any such infrastructure. If there were any stadiums that could host FIFA World Cup matches, they had to make a lot of preparations. Many stadiums also had to be upgraded. A lot of infrastructure, a lot of money and a lot of people also spent to host such a big event. But we have seen that whenever such big events have happened, be it Olympics, be it FIFA World Cup.

After these events are over, such big stadiums are not used at all or are used very little. Yes, if it is a multipurpose stadium where many sports can be played, then that stadium will be very useful. But a stadium built only to play football matches is of little use after a big event and does not generate that much revenue. We have seen that there have been many such events that after the completion of the stadium, there is no use and those stadiums remain lying like this, no one uses them.

Due to this, Qatar thought that such a stadium should be built which can be taken apart again after use and its equipment can be taken somewhere else and used again, so the idea of ​​making Stadium 974 came from that. The construction work of the stadium started in 2018 and you will not believe that inside 2 years the stadium was ready because most of the containers and steel have been used in it. That’s why it didn’t take much time to build it and it is also called an environmental stadium.

GSAS (Global Sustainability Assessment System) ie Global Sustainability Assessment System has given it a four star rating, which makes it very eco-friendly. The stadium was launched on 20 November 2021 and exactly 10 days later i.e. on 30 November 221 the first match was played in the stadium and that was between UAE and Syria in this stadium spread over 4,50,000 square meters Once, I.

40,000 spectators can sit and in the upcoming FIFA World Cup, it is expected that this stadium will be full in every match. In the FIFA World Cup 2022, this stadium will host total 7 matches, in which 6 matches will be group stage matches and 1 round of 16 match.

So if there isn’t something interesting about Stadium 974,

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