Qatar vs Ecuador Time 2022 FIFA World Cup

About the first match of the World Cup which will be played. This is Qatar’s first World Cup between Qatar and Ecuador. He has never played a World Cup before so it will be a big day. Why did you do this for the nation? This is happening in the queue so that’s why they are going to adopt

When will this match happen, where can you watch it online. Will also talk about its life training in India.

Qatar vs Ecuador

Qatar vs Ecuador Time 2022 FIFA World Cup
Qatar vs Ecuador Time 2022 FIFA World Cup

First of all, let’s know when this match will start, then it will be played on November 20 and will start at 9:30 pm. Before this there will be an opening ceremony and after that this thing will start and it will be played at the Labaik Stadium which is in Alcor. Here is the schedule of this match

If you want to watch it on TV in India then you can do sports 18 or sports 18 hd. You can watch this match live on any of these two channels.

You can use Jio Cinema to watch its online live streaming. Its official website is You visit here and create an account with any of your number. After that you can watch live streaming of this match. To watch on mobile, you can use their official app, which you will get easily for Android and iOS devices. After that its live streaming can be seen with an account. Nah, if we talk about the current form of both the teams, then Qatar is also going through a very bad form. Out of the last five, they have won only one match. Played two draws and also lost two.

And if you see the only match they won was against a team from Ghana, it was not a senior team, it was a team from Ghana, they won two to one against them. Earlier it was frozen.

They lost to Croatia’s Under-23 team, which also won by a clean shed victory. The team of 23 in Croatia after this, although they played a draw with Chile, but even if it is seen as a lot, it should not have been such a difficult match. They also lost against Canada for them. So looking at things in this you can say that Qatar is still not in good form. On the other hand, if we talk about Ecuador, then they have a very good form as compared to value. Out of these 5 matches, three have been drawn and two have been won and the draws that have taken place are not as if they have played a draw with a small team.

There has been a draw with a very big team. He had held a draw against Mexico, a draw with Japan, and even earlier, Argentina. And we can see that they have won against Nigeria, they have won against Nigeria, they have also won, then it is a very good four. I would say if you compare Qatar’s form with Qatar’s form, Qatar is playing in this World Cup because it is hosting this World Cup. And you must know that the country which hosts the World Cup qualifies automatically. Such a post, on the other hand, Ecuador had qualified for this World Cup.

And they won 7 out of 18 matches

Although 6 matches were lost but still with 26 points he had qualified directly. He had played other very good matches for this World Cup, he even held Argentina to a draw for a time.

Their all-time top goalscorer is Enner Valencia, who scored 35 goals for his nation and is Ecuador’s top goalscorer. Here you can ask if there has been any match between these two teams, so yes, exactly one match has happened against these two teams and that too was a friendly match.

That match was played on October 12, 4 years ago, that too in Qatar and Qatar won it four to three. Yes, Katarne scored exactly four goals and was able to score another three goals. he scored one of the four goals

In Akram Afif, one Almoez Ali and one of his Captain Hassan Al-Haydos. He got it openly and in this way he won four to three. At the same time scored two goals for Ecuador.

Enner Valenciaa, who is their top goal scorer, scored two of those goals and Jose Cevallos scored one here and got two raids. You know, in the friendly match that happened, Ecuador got two red cards and they were playing with no place. Still he scored three goals.

So it was a very interesting match I hope. This match also remained like this, but I feel that there is a slight advantage in this match. Ecuador against Qatar because Ecuador is a team which has a decent experience of playing the World Cup. He has already played the World Cup for the last three times. She has also reached the round of 16 and this is her fourth. On the other hand, Qatar played their first World Cup and this is the first match against them, although they will have home advantage and have been dangerous in the last few years. Showed a lot of development.

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