Qatar’s 8 Amazing FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadiums | Most Advance Stadium

Qatar’s 8 Amazing FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadiums

Qatar's 8 Amazing FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadiums
Qatar’s 8 Amazing FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadiums

Friends, you are well aware of the craze of football around the world. On the other hand, these days this craze is raising the heads of people all over the world because the Football World Cup which is going to start from 20th November, this tournament will run till 18th December. About 32 teams from all over the world will participate in this tournament which lasts for about a month. But do you know what is a different thing in football this time? Let us tell you friends, this time the Football World Cup is not in countries like Japan or South Korea.

Rather going to be in line. Yes friends, this will be the first time that a Middle Eastern country will host the Football World Cup. Now many types of questions must be coming in your mind that even though the World Cup is happening in the month of November-December, but what about the heat of a country like Qatar? How is this world cup possible in such a hot climate?

Most advance football stadium in the world Friends, the World Cup to be held in Qatar is the most expensive in the world so far.

When is it going to happen? So far in the history of FIFA, there have been World Cups to be won. Putting aside the cost of all those World Cups, they cannot match the cost of the World Cup in Qatar. After winning the World Cup in 2010, Qatar not only built eight world class stadiums day and night, but also made a whole plan city. Along with this, a rapid transit system named Doha Metro to transport football fans to the stadium, luxury apartments for accommodation

Treats, cruise ships, hotels and fan villages have also been built. Smaller than China’s capital Beijing, Qatar is a small country in the Middle East, which is spread over only 11,500 square kilometers. Friends, one should not judge the power of this country by its size. Qatar is certainly a small country, but it is the richest country among the Arab countries and in terms of GDP per capita, it is the richest country in the world, you can get an idea from this fact. 200 Qatar is the only country in the world where the poverty rate is absolutely 0%.

You will not find any poor there. Every citizen here earns US $ 1,28,000 per year on average, while America, which is a super power country, earns $ 60,000 a year. Whereas in UK this income per person is 44,000 dollars annually. The reason for the absence of poverty in Qatar is the oil production and the very small population here. Arab countries are equally famous all over the world for their luxurious and luxury mega projects. Then whether it is the project of Saudi Line City.

  1. ECT or the Palm Islands in Dubai or the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa E. why not One thing common in all these projects is that they are designed to surprise the world. How can Qatar be left behind to attract tourists and surprise the western countries? The FIFA World Cup 2022 is such a weapon for Qatar that can dominate the rest of the Arab countries as well. According to news reports regarding Qatar preparing for the World Cup

Every week $500 million has been out and that too for the last 10 years. That is, till now Qatar has spent 230 billion dollars. Friends, this amount in Indian Rupees is more than 19,00,000 crores.

Qatar has built eight world class solar powered stadiums for the FIFA World Cup. The location of these stadiums has been specifically kept in such a way that it is within a radius of only 55 kilometers from Doha, the capital of Qatar. To avoid the scorching heat here, all the stadiums have been designed according to the air conditioning system. Friends, this time’s FIFA World Cup is special in itself. This time, for the first time in FIFA, many things like ladies referee, five substitutes and 26 players in each team are going to be different. Let me tell you friends, this has happened for the first time. Air conditioning has been made in any open air stadium. This work was done by a mechanical engineer known as Dr. Cool.

Saud Ghani has done it. According to South Ghani, if the temperature outside the stadium is 52 degree Celsius, then the inside temperature will be 22 degree Celsius. So isn’t it friends, this is fun engineering, actually here the roof of this stadium has been designed in this way. Does the outside air escape from the outside of the rotating roof? Its light color reflects back the incoming heat of the sun. According to a report, this entire system is going to be operated with solar energy, so there will be no carbon emission. It is also being said that

Here the cold lowering solar is made in such a way that it is not felt by the players at all. A bubble of cold air will form inside the stadium, which will not be more than two meters high from the ground. After this, the same process will be repeated again and a cold bubble will be created again in the stadium. Simultaneously, the hot air will be kept cool with the help of piped hits filled with cold water located at each corner of the stadium. The interesting thing is that this entire cooling system is from Doha, the capital of Qatar.

About 80 kilometers away, everything will be controlled by the recently built solar power plant control system which has been installed there. At the same time, apart from the stadium, a lot of transport will also increase in the city during the World Cup because special arrangements have been made for people from all over the world to reach Qatar. Let us tell you that the first match of the tournament will be played at the Al Bayt Stadium with a capacity of 60,000, while the final match will be held at the Lusail Stadium with a capacity of 80,000 people.

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