Real Story Of Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

Friends, we all know this thing very well that in today’s era, almost all the Arab countries of the world are known for their big and strange projects. Whether it is the tallest building in the world i.e. Burj Khalifa or the Line City of Saudi Arabia, these are all projects on which work has not been done only to earn money but also to surprise the world. .

Real Story Of Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

Real Story Of Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022
Real Story Of Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

has been done. Now it is clear how a rich country like Qatar could remain behind in this race of Arab countries. So he also decided to work on a similar project. But Qatar chose the Zeiss project. It was shocking not only for the world but also for the Arab countries themselves. A project about which probably Arab countries could never even think of in their mind. Yes guys, I am talking about the FIFA World Cup. And the FIFA World Cup which is going to be held in Qatar this time i.e. in 2022.

Because this time the hosting has been given to Qatar only. For those of you who do not know about FIFA World Cup even in the basic sense, let me tell them that FIFA World Cup is actually the World Cup of Football. That is, the way the Cricket World Cup is held. Exactly like this, the World Cup of Football is called FIFA World Cup. But the interesting thing is that like cricket, football is not famous only in selected countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, England and these, but football is such a game which is considered to be the most famous game in the world.

That is, in today’s era, if any sport is seen the most in the whole world, then it is only and only football. Now you can imagine yourself that when this World Cup would be held after every 4 years, then what would be the condition of people’s craze and especially of the country in which this World Cup would be played after 4 years. After all, what would have been the condition of his progress? Not only would he make huge money, but the culture of that country, tourism of that country and everything like that would have been promoted beyond limits.

Because the millions of people who will visit that country because of the FIFA World Cup, there will be many among them who will start liking the culture and things of that country very much and that not only in the FIFA World Cup but also after that. Will also try to visit this country again and again and these will be the benefits that will completely change the fortunes of a country. Friends. This is the reason why there is excessive competition regarding the hosting of the FIFA World Cup. Every country wants to host the upcoming World Cup

get it and all these things are decided through voting. Qatar got the hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2010. And the surprising thing is that in the year 2010, Katran won this hosting by defeating powerful countries like America and Japan. That is, apart from Qatar in the list of hosting, there were many powerful countries like America, Japan and so on. But leaving all these behind, the hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup was handed over to Qatar. This thing was very bad for countries like America, Japan and China at that time.

Because they were all surprised thinking that how can a country like Qatar be given hosting? A country which is not only very small in size but also has no record of its own in the FIFA World Cup. Because neither his team was very famous nor did he have any other involvement like this. In the beginning, after getting the hosting, questions were constantly being raised on the ability of Qatar from all these countries. The question was that despite being so small and having such a small population, how would Qatar manage a big World Cup like Fifa ?

When lakhs of people will come here, where will he keep them, how will he make arrangements for their transport? Where will those people live, what will they roam around, what will they eat? What is the answer to this? Because friends remember that in the year 2010, when Qatar got the hosting of FIFA, it was the time when Qatar did not even have this stadium properly. So it is obvious that raising these questions was completely justified. Apart from this, questions were also being raised about the weather there, because we all know how dangerous the heat in Qatar is.

Two big challenges had come in front of Qatar itself. The first challenge was to manage the FIFA World Cup in such a way that more and more people could be attracted to their country not only for the FIFA World Cup but also for ever and ever and the second challenge was that all of them Give a befitting reply to those who were questioning the capability of Qatar. Friends, after winning the FIFA World Cup in 2010, now Qatar has started working day and night with great speed on its mission.

He not only got 8 world class stadiums built, but also got a whole planned city built. Apart from this, luxury apartment villas, five star hotels, cruise ships, hotels and fan villages have also been built for the football fans who will come to Qatar from all over the world. Means in a way you can understand that Qatar has changed its picture and not Qatar. Within the last few years, the luxurious stadiums that have been prepared for the FIFA World Cup are also setting a different example in the world. The shape of any one of them is of the old era.

is like Some Kashyap is like a ship, that is, like a ship carrying water, some are looking like the shape of the cap worn by Muslims, and some are looking like a diamond. That is, every stadium has been built in such a way that a person will go crazy on seeing it at first sight and will wonder what he has seen instead of the stadium. Not only this, inside all these stadiums there are 5 star hotels as well as shopping malls this time center. Many facilities like swimming pool, solar will also be present and because of all this man will be able to say this.

Actually it has come not in one stadium but somewhere else because normally nothing like this is found in other stadiums of the world. Along with preparing for the FIFA World Cup, Qatar has also given a befitting reply to all those countries who initially doubted its ability and were raising questions on it because of its size. Because you will be surprised to know that the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar is becoming the most expensive World Cup in history. Even winning is the first FIFA World Cup in history, even if they are separated at one place.

And if all their expenses are totaled, then even all the FIFA World Cups put together cannot match the cost of one World Cup. That means it is the most expensive of all.

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