Saudi Arabia Ended Argentina’s 36 Matches Unbeaten Run

Saudi Arabia has done what no one has done in the last three years and Argentina has lost its first World Cup match, that too against Saudi Arabia and this is their first defeat after last 36 matches. He lost the last match about 3 years ago and after that he has lost his first match of the World Cup.

Argentina is a country known for its football.

This time this team is also special because it was in the best four ever. If we talk about the last few years, then in 3 years and 4 months and 40 months, he has not played a single match. During this he won the Copa America. After beating Brazil and missing a single match during their entire qualification round. The last match they lost was on 3 July 2019 and since then they are losing the first match in the World Cup, losing the first match after 3 years and 4 months. That too in the World Cup. extremely large

Saudi Arabia Ended Argentina’s 36 Matches Unbeaten Run

Saudi Arabia Ended Argentina's 36 Matches Unbeaten Run
Saudi Arabia Ended Argentina’s 36 Matches Unbeaten Run

This is a blow to the entire Argentina squad for Argentina. If you check the market value then it is total 633 million Euros and today’s time pay € 1 is about ₹ 84, if you convert it in NR then it is total ₹ 5314 crore means King’s market value is more than 5000 crore . His match was against Saudi Arabia. Such a nation is very less populated. His performance has not been much special in the World Cup. For the fifth time, he played the World Cup before this and this is his six pence in this World Cup and his. If you check the market value then this is the total

€25 million Euros which is approximately ₹200 crores. Before the start of the World Cup, two teams of Argentina and Brazil had one-off matches. He was considered to be the best and it was also being said that Mansi would win this year’s World Cup and he would definitely win this one trophy which is left. But things didn’t go that way as the first match against Saudi Arabia started and one such penalty was awarded in the 10th minute of the match. Although this penalty was not received directly. For this the referee had to see and after that this penalty was given. Very comfortably Messi has converted this penalty into a goal. now this

The Argentine has become the only player to have scored in four different World Cups. After this, Argentina scored a lot of goals but all of them were rolled out due to offside and the score till the first half was Argentina 1 Saudi Arabia 0. But within just 5 minutes in the second half, Saudi Arabia scored 2 goals and due to those two goals, they defeated Argentina 2-1 and won the first match of the World Cup. With this match, Argentina’s record of 36 unbeaten runs has also ended, which means

Italy is still at number one having played 37 matches. without losing a match. What to look forward to for Argentina now? They have lost the first match but can still qualify for the next round. If they win both their matches against Mexico and Poland, they will qualify for the round of action. Now how, how, what scenarios can they become?

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