Messi or Ronaldo who will have this last World Cup?

Messi or Ronaldo

The time is getting closer for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who have ruled the world of football for the last three decades, to say goodbye to this football world. These two players are such that even if people do not know about football, they cannot remain unaware of these two players even if they want to. Cristiano Ronaldo Definitions of a Prime Athlete If a human being is ever given the status of a machine, then the name of this goal-scoring machine will come first. As far as messi is concerned, he is an artist of football. They know very well how to create their own campus on the football page and show their artwork on it.

Messi or Ronaldo, who will have this last World Cup?
Messi or Ronaldo, who will have this last World Cup?

There have been many such players in the history of football, who have been given the status of Goat i.e. of all time and have also come to China. But no one’s name would have been included in this debate more than these two players. In achieving this, he is just one toffee away from his career. Both the World Cup players have now reached that age where the players have taken their retirement or are thinking about it. Ronaldo has crossed the age of 37 and the figure of 38 is only a few months away from him. Now talking about Messi, it is not far away. He has also reached the age of 35.

Now the World Cup to be played in Qatar has come as a last golden opportunity for both of them, so it is certain that only one of these two will be able to keep himself above all the players or it may happen that Like every time, both embrace failure and say goodbye to their international career forever. If you are wondering why this is so, the answer is that the World Cup in football is played once in every 4 years. Now after 4 years, with his increasing age, he will be able to maintain the performance at such a level that if he keeps his place in the squad then the answer is

Otherwise, these two legendary players have just walked together for the last time to write the history of football for their country and themselves in golden letters. Let us fulfill some other dream for our country, our fans and ourselves, first of all, let us know that which one of these two teams has the most chances of winning and what will be the contribution of these two players in this? First of all, let’s talk about Argentina and Messi, then this country is going to enter the tournament with this form. The fans have already seen the gold trophy of the World Cup flying in the hands of Messi in their mind. argentina past

35 matches have been unbeaten in this. Meanwhile, she has won the Copa America and the finalist Seema Trophy. The entire Argentina team is stable in every department. Aggressive center backs like Otamendi or Romero have the ability to keep any attacking home quiet. In the midfield, players like de paul paredes and lo celso play the role of snatching the ball by pressing the players of the front team. Talking about the rest of the attack, players like messi martínez, Dybala and Di María can create space to score goals by making any defense dance at their behest with their versatility.

If you are wondering what role will Messi play in all this? So first of all, being a captain, he will have the responsibility of keeping his players motivated and with this, the responsibility of holding the formation of the entire team will be on his shoulders. If you keep the captain in the side, then as a player, he will have to play as a link between the midfield and the attackers. Insuring the movement and position of the ball by dropping in the middle and at the same time scoring goals by penetrating the top position box and at the same time creating unity in scoring goals for your teammates. Overall, it is clear that Messi has a huge responsibility on his shoulders to hold his team’s attack and midfield.

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Now talk about Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal, then his role is quite different from messi’s. Being a captain, his role will be like C. Now if we look at his role as a player, then his only job is to score goals. Being a clinical and striker, his job is to give advantage to his team by scoring goals in attack in front. As far as their team is concerned, in the defense players like Ruben Dias, Joao Cancelo and Pepe will keep the goalkeeper completely safe. Portugal seem to be a bit sloppy in the defensive midfield options department.

No one knows this better than the players who play FIFA. If he is the last player on counter attack, then one or two players will easily over run him. Lastly comes their attack, apart from Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael and Bernardo can lick the dust of any defender with their pace tricks and skill. As far as what role Cristiano Ronaldo will play in this team, then you should understand that Ronaldo was brought into the team to score goals.

The job of creative players like Bernardo, Andre Silva and Bruno Fernandes is to get Ronaldo the ball in the open position half.

Because of his age, Ronaldo cannot play his part in high press. For this reason, he walks between two defenders on the halfway line to make his presence felt by the opposite team. Despite being 37 years old, Ronaldo is considered to be the most clinical striker of today’s time. As long as Ronaldo continues to get a good supply from the wings and center, there is no one more dangerous player on the whole page than him. Whenever the team needs a goal, Ronaldo will leave no stone unturned to bring his team back. You must remember three thrillers between Portugal and Spain in the last match. Portugal went behind thrice and Ronaldo thrice

Quickly brought Portugal back into the game. Keeping Ronaldo in the team is like a double-edged sword. When the opposite team does not have positions in defence, Portugal will miss them a lot. The opposite team will take full advantage of this while attacking. Now you must have understood that how is the team of these two and what will be the role of both of them in this? Now talking about the chances of such a team winning the World Cup, then first of all they have to know and test the rest of the group stage team. First of all, let’s talk about Argentina, then being in Group C is a big deal for this team.

Nothing less than lucky chance. When Argentina won the World Cup in 1978 and 1986, they were drawn in Group C like this time. There doesn’t seem to be much difficulty for Argentina to qualify for the group stage in first position. Argentina has already tasted bitter defeats to teams better than Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland. Well, if his luck turns his back on such a big stage or he is unable to play his football under pressure again, then in such a situation, he may have to face difficulties in qualifying from this group.

You can add as many wins as you want, but according to what we are seeing now, Arjun Jina qualifying this group and reaching the semi-finals will not be a big surprise to anyone. Now you see their last 5 matches only. Having won four out of five matches, this team has created a different level of its own and is trying its best to go ahead of it in this World Cup. As far as Portugal is concerned, its growth can prove to be a bit tricky. Rogue Way Ghana and the Korean Republic are filled with players who have made their mark on football’s biggest stage.

Have done Well, even if you drop some of these players, these teams still have enough firepower to produce a result against Portugal that will surprise you. In their last 5 matches, Portugal has managed only 3 wins, the remaining 2 being results. In that, they lost against Spain and Switzerland by a score line of One Zero. It is rare to see a good Portugal defense and deliver a different performance against a big team these days. Now you are thinking that when they met in Switzerland for the second time, then Portugal won by four zero.
Yes, this is true but World Cup is one such competition where you don’t get such opportunities again.

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