Which Team Qualified For Round of 16 FIFA World Cup 2022

So the World Cup is over with two matches and so far only three teams have qualified for the Round of 16. Two teams have been eliminated and there are still many teams that can qualify for the Round of 16.

Will talk first. Group A’s

So in this group, netherlands is at number one now, they have four points and Ecuador is at number two. The host nation became the first country to be eliminated in this World Cup, now they cannot qualify for the next round from anywhere, so only 3 of them ie Netherlands, Ecuador and Senegal, only two of these three teams will qualify for the next round and if you see the next match in this group then it is Ecuador and Senegal, the first match of both these teams and the last match will be between Netherlands and Qatar, if Netherlands wins this match then it

Which Team Qualified For Round of 16 FIFA World Cup 2022
Which Team Qualified For Round of 16 FIFA World Cup 2022

Who will top the group, we will have to see what is the result of the match between Ecuador and Senegal. Now Senegal can also top this group. How come if they win against Ecuador and there Netherlands either draw or don’t win, then Senegal will top from here and the top two teams will then qualify for the next round. There are no teams from here that have qualified for the next round.

Let’s talk now in Group B, so all the teams still have a chance in this group. Although England to qualify for the next round

Still on top but England’s next match is with Wales and if England does not win or draws with Wales then they will have 5 points. However, it may still qualify for the customer. On the other hand, there is a match between Iran and United States. Iran still has 3 points and if Iran wins against US then they will have six points and they will be confirmed that Iran will play next round. At the same time, the United States still had two points in the first match, drawing them. Along with England and Wales, this time if US wins, Against Iran

He will get 5 points and after that he will have to weigh. What is the result of the match between England and Iran, after that whatever calculation is made and off course goal difference will also be seen then whoever will have better goal difference and better than that, whoever will have more points will qualify for the next round. will go.

If we talk about group C then this group is on top now, Argentina is third on Poland, Saudi Arabia and Mexico are on course now from here all the teams in this group still have a chance. To qualify in the next round. first of all if

Talking about how Poland can qualify. See poland next match is with argentina right with argentina if poland wins then off course it will start to qualify in next round. But if Argentina wins, then Argentina will be confirmed because Argentina will have six points. Now if there is a draw from here, the match between Poland and Argentina, then Poland will get one point. He will get 5 points. Then Argentina will also get a point. He will get 4 points. The second match will be Saudi Arabia and Mexico have 5 of them. For now, let’s assume that Poland currently has 5 points, and

Argentina 4 Point So if Saudi Arabia wins from here then Saudi Arabia and Poland will qualify for the next round. Why? Because Poland has 5 points due to the draw and Saudi Arabia will have 6 points, then Saudi Arabia will top this group and Poland will place second. At the same time, Mexico is very difficult for Mexico because right now Mexico has only 1 point. Even if they win, they will have 4 points and with 4 points, they will have to see the result of the match between Poland and Argentina. If there are points for their draw, then the goal difference will have to be seen.

That means Mexico has very few chances. Even if he wins, he will have to defeat Saudi Arabia by a huge margin. If they want to qualify for the Round of 16, then all the teams are still alive in this group. for the next round

Now let’s talk about Group D, France has already qualified in this group and France became the first team in this World Cup to qualify for round off system and by the way they won the whole World Cup. Australia, Denmark and Tunisia, any of the three remaining teams can still qualify.

How to see who is next? If Australia wins the match between these two teams Australia and Denmark, then they will get 3 points. Will qualify to next round with 6 points, but if Denmark is given from here, Denmark will have 4 points and will replace Australia. But even now his place has not been confirmed, why? Because in the match between France and Tunisia, it was told whether Denmark would qualify in the next round or not. Then Tunisia wins against France as it has very little chance. But

Let’s assume that what will happen if Tunisia wins? Tunisia will get 4 points from here and Denmark and Tunisia have same points, then we will see the goal difference there. Now if Denmark is better in goal difference then Denmark will qualify, but this will happen if Denmark wins. Now East Australia can become this group scenario.

Now let’s talk about Group E, this is also such a group in which all the teams can qualify. No one has qualified for the next round yet. Spain had a chance against Germany in the recent match but it ended in a draw.

Because of this, Spain got only one point and currently they are on top with 4 points, while Japan can also qualify for the next round. Japan’s next match is with Spain and the winning team will be confirmed. If Japan is given for the round of 16, then there will be six points and it will come on top. If the table goes to Spain, they will get 7 points. On the other hand, if Costa Rica is Germany in the match, if Germany does not win, then it is confirmed that they will be eliminated. Even if Germany wins against Costa Rica, they will still have matches against Spain and Japan.

Have to see the result. If there is a draw from there then both will get one point each and Japan will get 1 point. Means Japan will get 4 points and if Germany wins then Germany will get 3 points. If Germany gets 4 points, then from here we will again see the goal difference and the goal difference. If this also holds, anyway his chances are very less then after that we will see if he has scored more goals then he will qualify from here so by the way I think Spain will qualify from here and Japan even if they play a draw Let’s take it, it is better to announce more. Japan also qualify from here if they don’t score a goal

Can do, but Costa Rica and Germany also have full chances. To qualify in the next round

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