Will Argentina be able to win this match against Mexico?

Argentina vs Mexico is a match that has become a do or die situation for Argentina. Who thought that Argentina will lose the very first match against Saudi Arabia and they will have to see something like this. For Argentina in the opening match of the World Cup, just say that this match is the final match because if you do not win from here then forget it. Can qualify in the next round also. While Mexico played its draw Against Poland is still on Argentina so quite both

Know each other well from the team. they played a lot of matches against each other nearby

Argentina vs Mexico match will be played today only. According to Indian Standard Time, this match will start tonight at 12:30 and will be played

Will Argentina be able to win this match against Mexico?

Will Argentina be able to win this match against Mexico?
Will Argentina be able to win this match against Mexico?

The lusail iconic stadium where the first match of Argentina vs Saudi Arabia took place. This is the same stadium. To watch this match on TV, you can watch Sports 18 or Sports 18 HD. can switch.

You can use Jio Cinema to watch live streaming from any device, mobile or tablet. You can watch live on JioCinema. If everyone knows about the current form of both the teams. Argentina lost its first match after 36 matches against Saudi Arabia and that too in the first match of the World Cup, it is a very sad thing for Argentina. But even if you look at it positively, then see that this match was okay to instill a little bit of fear in the confidence that Argentina had because you are playing the World Cup. You can’t take any team so lightly, not Argentina. even though it lost the match and but

Also he has a clear cut chance if he wins both the matches. He will easily qualify for the next round

Whereas Pollard played his draw. This draw against Mexico has been very good for Argentina as both the team now have only one point and Argentina has a very good chance to qualify comfortably in the next round.

If we talk about the current status, then Saudi Arabia is at number one with three points followed by Poland and Mexico with one point each at second and third place. Argentina are unfortunatly in 4th place so it seems from here that one way or the other Argentina won’t be going to win against Mexico and it won’t be that easy either and Guillermo Ochoa who is considered to be the best goalkeeper of Mexico ever. He will compete against Lionel Messi and how can we talk about Guillermo Ochoa’s goalkeeping in the 2014 World Cup. When he was noticed all over the world and now recently

They stopped the penalty, because of that penalty they scored a point and because of that point they are above Argentina. League table will be very interesting for them, they will talk about watching Guillermo Ochoa vs Lionel Messi. Regarding the Head to Head record of both the teams, Argentina and Mexico come from the same competition. Have played too many messages so far. Total 32 matches have been played. He has won 16 of these. Argentina has drawn 12 so far. Watch a lot of matches. There have been draws and 4 wins between these two. In 32 matches in Mexico. In this, Argentina scored a total of 54 goals.

And Mexico has scored 29 goals. Against Argentina but if you talk about World Cup, Argentina has 100% record. Against Mexico these two teams will play 3 matches in the World Cup. Against the other and all three of those matches were won by Argentina.

In the first World Cup held in 1930, Argentina and Mexico had a group stage match, which Argentina won 6–3, and then in 2006, when Mansi was also there, Argentina and Mexico had a round of 16 match. And that too the match was won by Argentina 2-1. After this, they played against each other again in 2010, this is not the World Cup and Argentina won that match by 3-1, so Argentina has a very good record till now. Against Mexico in the World Cup but they don’t matter that much anymore. What will happen today? what will happen now?

It matters more so if they survive then off course they will remain in the competition. So if we petition for this match then I will consider Argentina as favorite because Argentina still have them because if you see that Saudi Arabia match then actually they are saying that Saudi Arabia played very well in this, of course Very good alone but those 3 goals scored by Argentina who roll out because of offside are all forgotten. If even one of those girls is counted, then such a big headline would not have been made. They can say that Argentina may not have played that well but they were quick enough to score those goals.

That’s why I would say that in this match also Argentina will have a lot of production against Mexico and me. Argentina 3 Mexico 1 So here is my prediction for this match I would like to know what are your predictions. Will Argentina be able to make their 100% record against Mexico in the World Cup, then write in the comments, I would like to know about it, what is your prediction?

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